Why should you, more than ever, outsource data and document processing services to Alsedo?

Data and Document Processing

With the enforcement of GDPR in May 2018, any business needs to be expert in the acquisition processing and storage of Personal Data. There are no exceptions or excuses. The cost of compliance will be high but Penalties for failing to comply will be severe.

Alsedo has has always appreciated that holding personal data has an obligation and a risk. We have now upgraded our Policies and Processes to meet the requirements of GDPR and we are ready to offer these Data and Documents Processing services to our clients helping them to meet their legal obligations. Why not call or complete our contact form. 

Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Alsedo offers the Finance Sector a high quality managed data service that is much more than just technology.

We have:-

  • A professional and sector experienced team.
  • A flexible product offering that will ensure rapid deployment and change.
  • Simple and competitive pricing.
  • A solid infrastructure.
  • Assured data security and confidentiality.
  • Dependable long business day customer support.

So how do we put this together to provide a relevant outsourced service.

Alsedo can provide digitisation conversion services on a project or regular basis that can cover:-

  • Transaction support documentation and or
  • Client file documentation – agreements, know-your-client documents etc
  • We can work directly or through your current outsourcing Partner.

This service can be current in support of operations or for archiving and governance purposes.

Contact us now for both large and small projects.


Print and mail outsourced service providers

Are you a print and mail service provider looking to extend your sales proposition with a document management, e-billing or other e-service, then Alsedo could set you up to do this within days.

A tried, tested and robust process that is secure, of high quality and scalable plus has been used by a number of print and mail clients is what underpins Alsedo’s offering.

With fast changing technology and a highly competitive environment, delivering online applications to integrate and compliment with your traditional print and mail services is a must to protect your existing clients or to attract new business.

Alsedo’s business process platform provides print and mail service providers with:-

  • a modular platform to centrally manage all digital documents with optional scanning, capture, e-billing and other business e-applications and services.  
  • a tried and tested enrolment, activation and registration process.
  • single sign-on to access archived documents or e-applications through online portals.
  • safe, secure and customisable e-applications.
  • a comprehensive suite of application for system and application management with an always available customer support service.
  • unified, responsive multi channel applications across major desktop and mobile devices.

This service offering can be branded or “white label” to our Partners

Why not contact us today and watch your business grow?

Why should you outsource document and data management services to Alsedo?