The Alsedo Business Process Platform is a Cloud based service that provides various services via management portals. It provides full electronic document storage, retrieval, distribution and e-document management system, which works in the following way:


Electronic document storage and retrieval system
Providing secure and managed global electronic document hosting  and on demand access to your companies business critical financial information.


Electronic document distribution
Reduced post and stationery costs. Fully backed up hosting. Unlimited secure user access. Managed Document hosting for seven years.


Secure payroll document management
A quicker, faster and smarter way for businesses to create, manage and distribute employee communications including official employment and payroll communications.

What are typical business process applications?

e-Document management is excellent for credit control departments handling incoming queries from customers. Credit controllers can log into the e-document management system and display the invoice in question on their desktop. This enables the credit controllers to view an exact copy of the invoice whilst discussing the query with the client.

In addition to this, the credit controller can print, fax or email the documents. This will help resolve queries within the initial phone call.

e-Billing enables fast delivery of an invoice, whilst giving your clients online access to their document history in a secure and controlled way. In addition, e-Billing will make significant post and material savings.

What are the benefits of Alsedo?

  • Reduced post costs
  • Reduced stationery costs
  • Peace of mind – fully backed up hosting with data centres in London and Paris
  • Customer support services tailored to your requirements
  • Unlimited but secure user access with no license fee per user
  • E-Document storage and hosting for seven years, to conform to legal requirements, or longer if required
  • Reports on failed or bounced email notifications, thereby ensuring no documents slip through the net
  • Fully scalable technology
  • Global – access from, and delivery to, anywhere in the world so long as internet access is available
  • Successful and controlled solicitation of e-Billing to your client base. We ensure a smooth transfer from traditional paper based billing to e-Billing